Waseda University is constantly innovating and challenging to make a continuous contribution to global society.

Officially unveiled in 2012, Waseda Vision 150 will strive for a university that can consistently produce global human resources with four principles, these being “Students of the Highest Caliber and Character Who Show Promise in Being Able to Contribute to the World,” “ Research That will Ultimately Contribute to Real World Peace and Happiness in Human Society,” “Graduates Who Will Contribute to the Public Good as Global Leaders” and “Asia’s Premier Model University Adaptable to a Changing World.”


Waseda University was founded by Shigenobu Okuma in 1882.

Throughout its history the university has been supported by three principles of learning, centered on Independence of Learning, and other ideals such as enterprising spirit and an anti-elitist philosophy. Waseda continues to maintain these traditions while also continually engaging in the creation of new eras and culture through global standard education and research activities.


Waseda University is known around the world as one of the top universities in Japan. It has produced seven prime ministers so far, and its alumni are widely active in various fields, not only in Japan, but also on the world stage. Furthermore, under the principle that its founder Shigenobu Okuma advocated“, Harmonization of Eastern and Western Cultures”, Waseda University has proactively opened its doors to international students since its founding. Currently, 5,000 international students have enrolled from 105 countries, which is the largest number among Japanese universities. Without a doubt, Waseda is the most internationalized university in Japan.


Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is one of the leading international cities in the world, as well as being the center for Japanese politics, finance, culture, education and much more. Waseda campus is located in the heart of Tokyo, around 20 minutes from major stations, such as Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ikebukuro, yet is still in the midst of nature; preserving the traditions of student towns, it creates the best possible environment for learning.


  • Tokyo arrive in 20 min.
  • Shibuya arrive in 20 min.
  • Shinjuku arrive in 15 min.
  • Ikebukuro arrive in 10 min.


Data About WASEDA (As of Spring 2015

ENROLLMENT                                                               52,078
FACULTY                                                                           5,495
PARTNER INSTITUTIONS                                               874 (81 countries)
UNDERGRADUATE SCHOOLS                                          13
UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS                              43,440
INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS                                    5,084*
OVERSEAS OFFICES                                                            6 (5 countries)
GRADUATE SCHOOLS                                                      21
GRADUATE STUDENTS                                           8,638
ALUMNI                                                                     610,000
NUMBER OF BOOKS                                            5,800,000

*As of Novemver 2015

Where Students Come From Total 5,084

CHINA                         2,563            50.41%
KOREA                           882            17.35%
TAIWAN                         391              7.69%
U.S.A.                              189              3.72%
THAILAND                    104              2.05%
INDONESIA                    87               1.71%
FRANCE                           72               1.42%
SINGAPORE                   69               1.36%
GERMANY                      57               1.12%
U.K.                                  51               1.00%
VIETNAM                       49               0.96%
MALAYSIA                     38               0.75%
OTHERS                       532              10.46%


Supporting International Students with Specialized Services

Waseda University provides a multitude of systems and facilities to help international students enjoy a fulfilling time during their education here. The Center for International Education gives advice in such areas as procedures to obtain status of residence and support for study abroad; the International Community Center organizes more than 250 events a year to promote mutual understanding and cultural exchange between Japanese and international students; the Writing Center exclusively offers Japanese and English writing instruction; and the Career Center makes efforts to help international students at all stages of their search for employment. In this manner, students are offered a variety of support services during their stay at Waseda University. Our support also extends to daily life, such as the widest range of scholarships in Japan and a good selection of accommodation.


Waseda University has a number of scholarship options to its students. International students can also apply for scholarships after admittance to the university. Some scholarships can be determined before enrollment of the program based on such factors as the results of entrance examination. We have around 120 kinds of internal and external scholarship opportunities for international students. Across the whole university, around 50% of international students have received some kind of scholarship.

A number of scholarships are available for international students, such as scholarships offered by Waseda University, scholarships from the Japan Student Services Organization, and scholarships from private foundations.

Student Dormitories

WASEDA University provides dormitories operated by Waseda University itself as well as the one operated by affiliated organizations and companies. At each dormitory, university friends from all over the world live together and enjoy their self-development through the dormitory’s featured programs and events, which help them to establish a human network beyond their affiliated schools and departments. In March 2014, the WISH, Waseda International Student House, kicked off with a total housing capacity of 872 students, consisting of both international and Japanese students, at where is within 30 min. from Waseda campuses in Tokyo, Toyama, Nishi-Waseda and Main campus.

The WISH, an internationalized student dormitory, develops the attractive programs utilizing its environment created from various dormitory friends. Live-in House Master and RAs (Resident Assistants), who are usually senior university students, support for students in their new dorm-lives.

Department List

One of the Largest Universities in Japan Engaged in Education and Research Activities of the Highest Global Standard for Each Academic Field

Waseda University has a total of 13 undergraduate and 21 graduate schools, offering a varied and dynamic curriculum. Furthermore, as an action plan for campus globalization, the English based degree programs have been developed. Currently students are able to obtain degrees in English in the following 7 undergraduate departments and 12 graduate departments.

Study Abroad

Waseda University is offering various types of study abroad programs by concluding agreements with about 700 partner institutions in 86 countries and regions around the world. There are many long-term study abroad programs which last for six months to a year including exchange programs, double-degree programs where students can obtain two different degrees from both Waseda University and a partner university at the time of graduation, and CS-L (Customized Study Programs – Language Focused) programs which include language courses/classes.

Career Center

The Career Center actively supports international students in their career development. It offers job-hunting guidance, career seminars, internship opportunities, and recruitment talks on campus by companies which are actively hiring international students. Talks and seminars are conducted in  Japanese and English. The Center also offers a range of other multifaceted support to students, including issuing career guidebooks, job-hunting information via e-newsletters, and individual career consultation, in Japanese and English.

The Career Center is located on Toyama Campus. Information resources related to job-hunting can be found in our library. Individual consultations are also available on a first-come-first-served basis.


More detailed information can be obtained from the digital pamphlets(e-brochures) available on the Waseda University website. There are several types of pamphlet, including a comprehensive one featuring all of the degree programs at Waseda University, and then one for the English based degree programs and for each undergraduate /graduate school.

Waseda University Official Channel

International Office (Thailand)

1 Empire Tower, 5th Floor, Unit 501, South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 THAILAND

TEL : +66-2-670-3456 / +66-92-991-0037 (Thita)

E-mail : t.pongdara@kurenai.waseda.jp

International Admission Office (Japan)

1-6-1 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8050 JAPAN

TEL : +81-3-3204-9073

FAX : +81-3-3204-9464

E-mail : admission@list.waseda.jp