Waseda Japanese Language and Cultural School

The School is located on South Sathorn Road, a very convenient venue right in the heart of Bangkok. The School was set up in 2003, under the collaboration between Waseda University of Japan and Saha Group of Thailand, with the objective to provide quality Japanese language learning education in Thailand. The School aims to develop practical Japanese communication skills for both students wishing to pursue their study in Japan, as well as those wishing to apply the skills to their work on a regular basis.

In order to achieve above objective, the School has devised the curriculum and learning methods to best suit the requirements by Thai students. Classes are classified into different levels, ranging from fundamental to advanced courses, all being taught by native Japanese speakers, thereby ensuring reliable teaching abilities and maximum learning efficiency.

The School has consistently expanded its space and facilities, in order to accommodate increasing demand by the students. Over the years, the success by its former students thriving in their study at universities in Japan and in their work at Japanese companies in Thailand, has served as significant motivation for the School to expand its educational facilities scope further. Such expansion provides greater opportunities for more Thai students to develop practical Japanese language communication skills, effectively serving as the “bridge” contributing to closer relationship between Thailand and Japan, in terms of education, cultures, social and economic developments.

Therefore, In 2010 the Waseda University and Sahaphat group were cooperated to construct a new learning center named “Waseda International Cultural Center” at Siracha, Chonburi where is located of Waseda Japanese Language and Culture School (Sriracha).

At present, we expanded our school to Chiang Mai, city of tourism industry, in order to serve people intending to learn practical Japanese language. Waseda Japanese Language and Culture School, Chiang Mai has operated since 2015.